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Audi A1 86 hp 1.2 TFSI, test (Part I)

This time we bring you a premium supermini, it is the Audi A1, the firm's commitment to the four rings to compete with the MINI. Under the hood of our test unit hid the 1.2 TFSI petrol engine 86 hp, this is the variant of access to the range of A1.

Seeing the success of the MINI, Audi has created a compact model to compete with the British, but the difference is that the design of the A1 is not inspired by retro, but in return offers a quality finish to match the rest of the German manufacturer's range, since the level of A1 has seemed worthy of the name which holds the brand premium.

Furthermore, we tested the engine may seem fair, but thanks to the turbo, this variant of access is a pretty decent motor to move the A1, while allowing us to enjoy the ride.

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