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First news of the Audi A1 Quattro

Testing has already begun to refine the behavior will be the new Audi A1 Quattro. This time the venue has been the area near the Canadian city of Montreal, where his snow-covered roads are one of the challenges for the smallest of the Audi.

As reported by Audi quattro system that A1 is very similar to using the A3 or TT, that is, a core electronic traction control that operates a series of hydraulic multiplate clutch located in the front and rear to optimize weight distribution.

Audi A1 Quattro Prototype This is the only one there and the same has been used in the development stages of this release. Hopefully not long in coming to market and meet in person and respond.

Audi A1 Quattro Prototype (2 images)

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MTM Audi A1 - Performance Kit

And come out the first modification, this time from the hand of German performance specialist MTM. The MTM Audi A1 has an exterior finish that recalls the MTM Audi RS6 Clubsport with Bimoto tires 18 inch performance tires, upgraded brakes, wheel spacers and a lowered suspension that naturally enhances vehicle dynamics.

MTM Audi A1 (which you have some images at the end of this article) we have no data concerning the improvement in performance, but hopefully that will soon be made public.

versión MTM (4 images)

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Interior of the Audi A1

The following gallery of images required is of course inside the A1. Like everything else, this goes for taste, but I personally love the interior finishes of all Audi, no matter how sober they say they are the Germans (the A3 seems perfect in every respect). The case of the smallest of the Audi is no exception and the A1 can see all the details that make a big car. In the following pictures you can have an idea of how it looks inside the Audi A1.

imágenes del interior (20 images)

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First official pictures

These are the first images that Audi was showing off to teach its new A1. The red color as you can see it is the little death of the German mark.

primeras imágenes (9 images)

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Initials of the Audi A1 sketches

Like the Audi A1 born with these early sketches, the Audi A1 Club begins with the news. This website has been created with the intention of being the place to go in search of knowledge about the Audi A1, with separate sections for news, photos, videos, analysis and above all a forum to share experiences of the youngest model Audi. I hope you like it and you join the Club!

I said, to start here are a curious gallery of images designed the first sketches the broad outlines of the Audi A1.

primeros bocetos (9 images)

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